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Our team includes Community Network Champions and professional Associates from across education, health and social care, CJS and community development who bring genuine insight to the design, development and delivery of services from supporting their own families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions.

Vanda Reeves

Director of Community Network Development

Vanda has worked in the field of education and community development for over 10 years and is passionate about supporting families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions to find the solutions for themselves to improve outcomes for their families.

Email Vanda directly at v.reeves@addvancedsolutions.co.uk

Rita Jones

Director of Learning, Coaching and Mentoring Development

Rita has worked in the field of learning and development for over 17 years developing learning, coaching and mentoring programmes to meet the needs of professionals working with families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions. Rita has particular knowledge and experience working in the area of ADHD and education.

Email Rita directly at m.jones@addvancedsolutions.co.uk

Louise Hankinson

Director of Quality and Standards

Louise’s background is in HR in the private and charitable sector and the implementation and development of quality standards including matrix, ISO9001, information governance and PQASSO. Louise’s role is to support the organisational development of ADDvanced Solutions in line with local and national quality standards.

Email Louise directly at l.hankinson@addvancedsolutions.co.uk

Babs Bluett-DuncanBabs Bluett-Duncan

Babs is a qualified teacher with a specific interest in supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs. Babs has many years’ experience developing and delivering training to professionals around Autism Spectrum Disorder, HFA and ADHD. Babs has for many years been involved with supporting families living with children with Neurodevelopmental conditions.

Email Babs directly at babsbd@addvancedsolutions.co.uk


Community Network Champions

Community Network Champions, who as parents/carers accessing our Community Network Groups are supported to take their learning forward to gain the skills, confidence, knowledge and experience to support the re-delivery of services back to their own communities.


Neurodevelopmental Condition Awareness Raising training - Down Syndrome Liverpool

Down Syndrome Liverpool would like to send a huge thank you to Vanda Reeves and Sarah Chierico from ADDvanced Solutions and Ruth Kiley for running a f...

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Professional Awareness Training Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Professional Awareness Training Neurodevelopmental Conditions

This year through our professional Neurodevelopmental Awareness training, we have been able to reach a wide range of professionals from across, Health...

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Community Network Groups

Community Network Groups

Welcome to our Community Network groups. Over the past few years we have had the pleasure to work alongside many families across Liverpool and St Hele...

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Events and Activities


Belle Vale Community Network

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St Helens Community Network Group

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6 wk Neurodevelopmental Conditions Family Learning Programme

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Quotation MarkIt is lovely to meet others and to talk and ask questions and get answers in real layman’s termsQuotation Mark

Quotation MarkI have learned many new skills to help my child at home and at schoolQuotation Mark

Quotation MarkIt’s really good to meet other people who go through what I go through every day and to know that I am not aloneQuotation Mark

Quotation MarkThank you for allowing me to be a part of the community networks which have enabled me to meet the most amazing people; both parents and professionals. Thank you all for empowering me and giving me the knowledge and confidence to fight every day to get my sons needs metQuotation Mark

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and Carers

Learning, coaching and mentoring to equip parents and carers with skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to better recognise, understand and meet the needs of their family living with Neurodevelopmental conditions.

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Children and Young People

Children and
Young People

Learning, coaching and mentoring programmes and health, wellbeing and enrichment activities for children aged 5-12 and young people aged 12-19 living with Neurodevelopmental conditions.

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Coaching, Training and Mentoring

Coaching, Training
and Mentoring

Accredited and non-accredited learning, coaching and mentoring programmes for families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions and for the professionals who support them including education, health and social care, CJS and community development.

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