Family Learning Workshop: Neurodevelopmental Conditions & Eating Difficulties
Online via Zoom
23rd May 2022, 1:00 pm

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Eating difficulties associated with neurodevelopmental conditions can impact the lives of the whole family. As a parent carer our desire is to make sure our children eat a healthy balanced diet, but when your child doesn’t want to eat because of either a sensory processing difficulty or because of the anxieties that arise because of the repetitive and restrictive behaviours, this can cause a lot of stress for everyone concerned.

Our Eating Difficulties workshop is to support parent carers to understand the reasons behind avoidant and restricted food intake (ARFID) and we look at some strategies to help reduce the stress around eating.

This learning workshop was designed and developed in partnership with local authority sensory integration occupational therapist, ADDvanced Solutions occupational therapist and training team, speech and language therapist and paediatric dietitian.

This webinar will last approximately one and a half hours, including time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

Please join us and post any questions you have throughout the presentation; we will be picking up your questions and we will answer all we can towards the end of the session.

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