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Our team has over 20 years of professional experience - from across education, health and social care, the criminal justice system and community development working with the families of neurodiverse children and young people, who may also have specific learning difficulties or associated mental health needs. Our offer has been designed and developed through the consultation and participation of children, young people and their families and is strengthened by our teams personal experiences supporting our own families living with these needs. 

"Talking to people who understand my son's issues, without me having to explain, was really important to us."


ADDvanced Solutions Community Network is a Community Interest Company, social enterprise established in October 2012. Through the participation and co-production with families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, specific learning difficulties and associated mental health needs, we provide open access, community-based, solution-focused learning, coaching and mentoring programmes featuring health, wellbeing and enrichment activities for families living with these needs and for the professionals who support them.


ADDvanced Solutions Community Network aims to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs through a social model of learning and support; engaging, educating, encouraging, equipping and empowering families to better recognise, understand and meet their own needs and those of their family, building resilience to help them manage every day challenges whilst increasing participation and reducing social isolation. 

We aim to build sustainable learning communities through our Families Empowering Families Programme. We train and support parents/carers who access our offer and who wish to take their learning forward and progress to volunteering to gain the skills, knowledge, competencies and confidence to support the co-facilitation of their local Community Network Group. 

We work in partnership with a range of organisations to strengthen and widen our offer. 

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