Our offer in Liverpool

Through our community-based groups, we offer programmes and learning opportunities that raise awareness; develop skills; share learning experiences; and build confidence;  supporting the families of neurodiverse children & young people, who may also have specific learning difficulties or associated mental health needs. 

Autism Post-Diagnosis Learning Programme 

Designed to help parents and carers whose child has received a diagnosis of autism to develop their understanding of autism, sessions will cover a range of subjects, including discussing a diagnosis of autism, communication skills, sensory processing differences, and self-esteem. Parents will learn valuable strategies for supporting their children with daily life. The overall aim is to empower parents to help their children achieve their full potential. 

Once parents and carers have completed this programme, their children aged 11-19 can then access 1:1 coaching support to help them understand their diagnosis. 

Open Access Community Network Groups

If you have concerns about your child’s behaviour or progress at school, our community network groups offer support to help you learn, understand and meet the needs of your child and family. Find out more.

Family Learning Programmes and Workshops

Structured programmes and workshops that give parents, carers and supporters the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable you to better recognise, understand and meet the needs of your neurodiverse children and young people, who may also have specific learning difficulties or associated mental health needs. Find out more. 

Supporting children & young people

For children and young people with a neurodevelopment condition finding it difficult to engage in activities, our learning workshops, groups and activities will help them overcome these challenges and learn how to manage individual situations. Find out more. 

Awareness Raising Training for Professionals 

Designed to improve professionals’ understanding of neurodevelopmental conditions, how they may present and how one condition may overlap with another. Professionals attending this training will develop knowledge, skills and confidence to better support families living with neurodevelopmental conditions and learning difficulties. Find out more.

Addvanced Solutions working in Liverpool

Addvanced Solutions working in Liverpool

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