Supporting Behaviours that Challenge Offer

This family learning programme is for parents and carers in Knowsley whose children present with behaviours that challenge.

The online programme will be delivered over four weekly sessions on Wednesdays 12.30 pm-2.30 pm

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There are two parts to the programme:

The Supporting Behaviours that Challenge Learning Programme explores the causes of challenging behaviour and strategies to manage specific behaviours. Over four half-day sessions, you will learn about:

The behaviours that challenge parents/carers at home.                 

The importance of building a positive relationship with your child.

The concept of defiance and what defiant behaviour can look like.

The climate that parents/carers can construct at home to support behaviour management.   

What parents/carers are doing already to manage behaviour at home.     

The importance of planning to manage behaviour.   

The values that should underpin the management of behaviour at home.

Assess how confident parents/carers are in terms of managing behaviour at home.

How behaviour management is a multi-faceted approach that is proactive.                                    

To have an opportunity to steer the remaining content of the following behaviour management sessions.


The Neurodevelopmental Conditions Learning Programme supports families who think their child's behaviour could be because of autism, ADHD, sensory processing difficulty or a particular learning delay. Over six half-day sessions, you'll learn about these neurodevelopmental conditions and strategies to support the difficulties your child may present. 

How to access the programmes.

Your child doesn't need to have a diagnosis for you to attend; we welcome anyone who has concerns about their child's behaviour to come along and learn more about different neurodevelopmental conditions and associated mental health needs.
All sessions are delivered online. 

Support for children and young people

Once you have attended either of these learning programmes, your child can access support to help them better understand themselves and their behaviour:
ND and Me – Understanding Me - Small groups for children aged 8-11 to help them better understand themselves and manage their behaviours.

Coaching for young people aged 12-25 - To better understand themselves, promote positive decision making and manage difficulties that may affect their behaviour. Young people aged 18-25 who are presenting with behaviours that challenge can register their interest to attend without their parents/carers attending either of the learning programmes beforehand.

 Click here to download the accessibility process 

For professionals

Professionals working with families in Knowsley struggling with behaviours that challenge can access workshops to help them better understand the cause of the behaviours. 
We will work with local agencies, including children's centres, the Youth Offending Service, Positive Behaviour Support, Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), looked after children's teams, schools and colleges. 

If you are a Knowsley agency that wishes to discuss someone they are working with, please contact us to request a coaching registration form. 


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