Supporting children & young people

If you’re a young person with a neurodevelopment condition finding it difficult to engage in activities, we will help you overcome these challenges and learn how to manage individual situations.

Young People 12-14 years and 15-19 years

Our groups will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, explore your own needs, learn new skills and build confidence as well as developing friendships. 

Groups meet up for learning and social activities, they’re lead by young people who take an active part in the design, decision making and development of their group, encouraging activities participation and ownership.

We cover subjects such as:

  • Social skills and interaction;
  • Planning and preparation for trips;
  • Staying safe;
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals; and
  • Creative expression and fun activities.

Children and young people 5-12 years

Our learning workshops, creative arts, cookery, games and Lego®-based activities for children and young people aged between 5-12 years are designed to improve self-awareness, coordination, as well as building confidence and developing social and communication skills. 

"I like coming. It's fun and we do things together, I've made lots of great new friends."

Siblings aged 6-19 years

Our learning workshops, health, wellbeing and enrichment activities for siblings aged 6-19 years will help them better understand their brother or sister living with a neurodevelopment condition, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs. These workshops and activities will also help them explore their own needs and those of the wider family. 

"I like all of it because it was interesting. Now I understand why he does what he does."

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